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Step 2 - What To Expect From The First 90 Days

With any results-driven marketing campaign, the first 90 days are always the most crucial. 
We are constantly hyper testing audiences, ad messaging, images/videos used, etc. While our machine learning software speeds this process up, we still continue to test and figure out how to get the most out of every penny spent. 
With that being said, here is what to expect these next 90 days:
The first week to two weeks is focused primarily on campaign buildout. This includes building the landing page(s), gathering media assets for ads, and organizing our data to be used for the campaign. 
This is the exciting part! Everything we've been building for the past week or two will now start to take life. You will start to see leads taking interest in your business at this point, however the cost per lead will fluctuate slightly since this is still the "testing" faze. Don't worry, this is completely normal, even positive. 
DAY 21 - 40 (Test and Optimization):
While this timeframe is equally as important as others, there's a good chance it'll be the most lack luster. During this phase, our team is measuring all results from the first round of tests from the previous phase. New leads will still be coming through our campaigns, however it may seem like things have slowed down a bit. Some clients we've worked with in the past had doubts about the process around this point, which is completely normal. Rest assured, once we get over this hump, it's all uphill! 
DAY 40 - 60 (Stability):
During this time, we start to see the first signs of consistent results. Our campaigns and processes are refined and truly tailored to your business. This is where our campaigns start building momentum for you.  
DAY 60 - 90 (Profit):
Profit! These are exciting times for everyone. The results you start to see from our campaigns will finally pay off. The new revenue we bring for you will now start to exceed your marketing expenses. Congratulations! 
DAY 90 AND ONWARD (Well Oiled Machine!):
At this point, your business is receiving new leads (and patients) on autopilot! You now have an audience that is dialed in and hyper targeted. We are showing the correct images/videos with the correct message to these people as well, which will make for some spectacular results for you and your business. 
Here's to your success! 
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