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Ads Manager - Dashboard Connectivity

  1. Navigate to Business Settings: https://business.facebook.com/settings

  2. On the left sidebar, click Partners: https://business.facebook.com/settings/partners

  3. Click the + Add button.

  4. Enter in the following Partner Business ID: 999966873361100

  5. Then click the blue Next button.

  6. On the left sidebar, click Pages.

  7. Then Select the Facebook Business Page we need access to.

  8. On the right side under Set Permissions, select 'Manage Page' to provide Admin Access. *When providing our dashboard account admin partner access, this DOES NOT mean we have access to your ownership or payment settings. These are still hidden from us. We need admin access through our dashboard account on order for everything to work properly. 

  9. Then on the left sidebar, click Ad Accounts.

  10. Then Select the Facebook Ad account we need access to.

  11. On the right side under Set Permissions, select 'Manage Ad Account' to provide Admin Access.

  12. Once done, click the blue Save Changes button on the bottom right.

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